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How can I move more in office? Tips for Staying Active at Work


Sitting for long periods in an office can take a toll on one's health. It’s important to find ways to move more during the workday. Simple actions like taking short breaks to stretch, walking during meetings, and using lunchtime to squeeze in some exercise can make a big difference.

A desk with a standing option, a balance ball chair, and a treadmill desk in an open space office

Incorporating movement into the daily routine doesn't require drastic changes. Small habits, such as parking further away from the entrance or choosing stairs over elevators, contribute to a more active day. Using these strategies helps improve overall well-being and productivity.

Integrating these small changes can lead to big benefits, both physically and mentally. Regular movement can reduce stress, boost mood, and increase energy levels. Offices can foster healthier environments by encouraging these practices.

Evaluating Your Current Office Environment

Employees in cubicles, sitting at desks. Some are using standing desks or balance balls. Others are walking and talking on the phone. A few are taking the stairs instead of the elevator

Understanding your current office setup and recognizing sedentary habits can help you find more movement opportunities during work hours. This can improve your health and productivity.

Assessing Office Layout for Movement

The office layout plays a key role in encouraging physical movement. Start by evaluating the distance between common areas such as restrooms, break rooms, and meeting spaces. Open office layouts often promote more walking as employees move between desks and collaborate more freely.


  • Desk Arrangement: Are workstations spread out or clustered closely? More spread-out workstations encourage walking.
  • Pathways: Is there enough clear space to walk around? Obstructed paths can limit movement.

Example Solutions:

  • Rearrange desks to be farther apart.
  • Encourage use of stairs by making them more accessible than elevators.
  • Place printers and supplies further from desks.

Identifying Sedentary Habits

Recognizing the habits that contribute to prolonged sitting can help identify areas for improvement. Monitor the frequency of breaks employees take away from their desks. Common sedentary behaviors include eating lunch at the desk, long stretches of screen time, and limited movement during meetings.

Key Factors:

  • Break Frequency: How often do employees leave their desks?
  • Meeting Styles: Are most meetings conducted sitting down? Consider stand-up or walking meetings for a change.

Strategies to Counteract:

  • Set alarms for regular break reminders.
  • Use apps that encourage standing and movement.
  • Implement standing desks or desk converters.

By paying attention to the office layout and identifying sedentary habits, it's possible to create a more dynamic and active work environment.

Strategies for Increasing Movement

How can I move more in office?

To stay active in an office environment, there are several strategies you can use. These include using standing desks, taking active breaks, and modifying the office layout to encourage more movement.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are beneficial for reducing the amount of time spent sitting. They allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, which can improve posture and increase energy levels. By standing for part of the day, you can burn more calories and reduce the risk of health issues linked to prolonged sitting.

Some desks are adjustable, making it easy to switch between sitting and standing. Consider setting reminders to stand up every hour. Pairing a standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat can also reduce strain on your feet and legs.

Active Breaks

Taking short, active breaks throughout the workday can make a significant difference in overall activity levels. Simple activities like stretching, walking around the office, or doing light exercises such as lunges or squats can help reduce stiffness and improve circulation.

These breaks don't need to be long; even five minutes can boost energy and focus. Encourage a culture of movement by suggesting team activities or setting up a walking club. Using reminders or apps to prompt breaks can also ensure consistency.

Office Layout Modification

Modifying the office layout can promote more movement naturally. Placing printers, trash bins, and other commonly used items farther from desks encourages walking. Creating open spaces for stretching or small-group exercises can also be beneficial.

Design pathways that encourage walking and some open areas where employees can do light exercises. Another idea is to use standing or walking meetings. These simple modifications can create a work environment that prioritizes physical activity and wellness.

Setting Movement Goals

A desk with a standing option, a treadmill or under-desk elliptical, a visible step counter, and motivational posters on the walls

To increase movement during office hours, setting clear movement goals is essential. Concrete targets and consistent tracking can turn sedentary habits into active routines.

Tracking Progress

Tracking movement helps in staying accountable. Pedometers or fitness apps can count steps and monitor activity. It's useful to set a daily step goal that is challenging yet achievable.

For example, aiming for 5,000 steps a day can be a good start. Office workers can also form walking clubs and create friendly competitions. Tracking movement regularly encourages better adherence to the goals.

Incorporating brief exercises and breaks during work can also contribute to hitting movement targets. A simple stretch routine every hour or a few squats by the desk can keep muscles active.

Creating a Daily Movement Plan

A daily movement plan keeps activities structured. Start by setting specific times for movement throughout the workday. Taking a 5-minute walk every hour or using stairs instead of elevators can be included in the plan.

Think about integrating a sit-stand workstation to alternate between sitting and standing. Set reminders to stand up and move at regular intervals.

Other ideas for incorporating movement include walking meetings and lunchtime workouts. These small changes can build up to significant improvements in daily activity levels. Using reminders or alarms can help make these activities a regular part of the workday.

Implementing Office-Wide Initiatives

Office-wide initiatives can address common workplace challenges and support overall employee wellness. By focusing on these areas, companies can create a more active and engaged workforce.

Office Challenges

Many offices face the challenge of keeping employees active during long work hours. Limited space, tight schedules, and sedentary tasks can contribute to this issue. To counteract this, companies might consider adopting flexible workstations such as standing desks or adjustable workspaces.

Regular breaks can encourage movement. Scheduled walking meetings or “stretch breaks” every hour can help employees stay active. It's key to implement policies that promote short but frequent physical activity, like using stairs instead of elevators or encouraging employees to walk during phone calls.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs can be highly effective in promoting office movement. On-site fitness classes, such as yoga or pilates, make it easier for employees to integrate exercise into their day. Gym memberships or discounts can also motivate employees to stay active outside office hours.

Creating a culture of wellness involves more than just physical activities. Healthy eating initiatives, like providing fruits and nutritious snacks, can support employees' overall health. Additionally, mindfulness and mental health programs, including meditation sessions or stress management workshops, can contribute to a more balanced work environment, indirectly encouraging physical activity through reduced stress levels.


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