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What Does Full-Service Move Mean? Unpacking the Complete Relocation Solution


A full-service move encompasses all aspects of the moving process, offering a comprehensive package designed to handle every detail from start to finish. This service is aimed at ensuring an effortless transition for the customer, where professional movers are responsible for the manual labor, time management, and logistical organization of the entire move. The movers provide the packing materials, pack all items securely, disassemble furniture if necessary, load the truck, transport belongings, and unload at the final destination, where they also reassemble any disassembled furniture.

This type of service is particularly beneficial for those who lack the time, ability, or inclination to manage the intricate tasks involved in moving. Full-service movers are trained to pack even the most fragile items like glassware or artwork, using the right techniques and materials to safeguard items during transit. Additionally, such companies typically offer various insurance coverage options to protect the client's belongings, assuring peace of mind throughout the process.

Choosing a full-service moving option entrusts the entire moving process to experienced professionals, thereby freeing customers to focus on other important aspects of their relocation, such as setting up essential services, familiarizing themselves with new environments, or attending to personal matters. The convenience and efficiency of this service can be especially valuable during long-distance moves, complex relocations, or when moving under tight schedules.

Understanding Full-Service Moves

A moving truck being loaded with furniture and boxes by movers

When planning a move, one may encounter the term 'full-service move', which encompasses a comprehensive range of services designed to handle every aspect of relocation from start to finish, providing a hassle-free experience.

Key Features of Full-Service Moving

  • Packing and Unpacking: Full-service moving companies provide the materials and labor to carefully pack all belongings, and similarly unpack them at the new location.
  • Loading and Unloading: These movers load all items onto the moving truck and unload them upon arrival, significantly reducing physical strain on the homeowner.
  • Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture: Large furniture items are disassembled for transport and then reassembled at the new residence.
  • Transportation: Secure transport of items to the new home is a primary feature, ensuring the safety of belongings on the road.
  • Additional Services: This can include specialty item handling, such as artwork and pianos, and services like cleaning, debris pickup, and storage solutions.

Pros and Cons of Full-Service Moves


  • Convenience: A major advantage is the convenience of having professionals handle all aspects of the move.
  • Time-Saving: Outsourcing the moving process saves valuable time, allowing one to focus on other important tasks and responsibilities.
  • Expertise: Movers have the experience to efficiently and safely pack and transport various types of items.


  • Cost: Full-service moves are generally more expensive than other moving options, such as self-moves.
  • Less Control: Homeowners may have less control over the packing and moving process, as professionals take the lead.

It's important to note that a self-move, where individuals rent a truck and handle the move on their own, is a more cost-effective but labor-intensive alternative. Each option offers different benefits depending on one's budget, time constraints, and personal preferences. Why use a moving service at all? For their efficiency, reduced risk of damage to belongings, and peace of mind.

Planning Your Move

A moving truck parked in front of a house, with workers loading boxes and furniture. A sign on the truck reads "Full-Service Moving Company."

Thorough preparation ensures a smooth relocation process when engaging full-service movers. Selecting a trusted mover is equally crucial for a hassle-free experience.

How to Prepare for Full-Service Movers

Before the movers arrive, individuals should inventory their belongings to keep track of items. They should decide what to move, sell, or donate, making the process more efficient for both parties. It's advisable to clear a pathway through the home to facilitate easy access to furniture and boxes, reducing the chances of accidents or damage. Sensitive documents and valuables should be separated and transported personally. Clients may consider researching "full-service movers near me" to find local providers and check their availability in advance.

To streamline communication, clients should provide the movers with detailed instructions regarding special care items. If necessary, they should schedule a pre-move consultation to obtain an accurate estimate and discuss any unique requirements or concerns.

Choosing the Right Mover

Clients are encouraged to gather quotes from multiple providers and compare services. They should look for companies with:

  • Licenses and insurance: Valid credentials and comprehensive insurance coverage are non-negotiable.
  • Reputation: Online reviews and testimonials offer insights into customer satisfaction levels.
  • Experience: Established movers with a track record of successfully handling moves similar to yours are preferable.

Personal referrals can be a reliable source of information. Potential clients are urged to ask questions about everything from the moving process to the dispute resolution policies. Transparency in pricing, with a clear breakdown of costs, prevents surprises on a moving day.

Cost Considerations

A moving truck loaded with furniture and boxes, a team of workers packing and loading items, and a checklist of services provided

Evaluating the cost of a full-service move is essential as it can represent a significant expense. The price is dependent on various factors, including the distance of the move and the volume of items being relocated.

Estimating Your Moving Costs

To estimate the cost of full-service movers, individuals should start by obtaining quotes from multiple moving companies. These quotes usually factor in the total weight of the household items and the distance of the move. For instance, a full-service move may average around $9,000, but this can fluctuate widely based on the specifics of the move.

  • Local Moves: Generally charged at an hourly rate, including labor and any additional services.
  • Long-Distance Moves: Costs are based on the total weight and the mileage traveled.

Factors Affecting Moving Costs

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of full-service movers:

  • Distance: Long-distance moves are priced on weight and distance. The further away the destination, the higher the cost.
  • Volume and Weight of Belongings: The more items you have, the costlier it is. Full-service movers take care of packing, which adds to the weight and the price.
  • Services Included: Full-service moves include packing, furniture disassembly, loading, unloading, and unpacking. Additional services like storage and insurance will add to the cost.
  • Time of the Year: Peak moving seasons, such as summer, can drive up prices due to higher demand.

The key to managing costs is to understand these variables and to assess how each will impact the final price of the move.

The Moving Process

The moving process with a full-service move encapsulates everything from the careful packing of items to the setting up of furniture in the new location, offering a turnkey solution to relocating.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Full-service movers provide comprehensive packing services, where they meticulously wrap and pack a client’s belongings. They handle the full packing process, which typically includes items like furniture, kitchenware, and personal items. For a three-bedroom home, this could involve approximately 2 to 3 hours of packing. Likewise, upon arrival at the destination, full-service movers also offer unpacking services. They carefully place items where the client requests, reassembling furniture and disposing of packing materials.

Timeline of a Full-Service Move

The timeline of a full-service move depends on several factors, including the household size and distance of the move. Full-service movers usually conduct an in-home consultation to estimate the workload and provide a timeline. The day of the move involves:

  • Arrival of moving crew: A team arrives and begins the packing process.
  • Loading: Once packed, items are systematically loaded onto the moving truck.
  • Transportation: The belongings are transported to the new location.
  • Unloading and Unpacking: They unload the truck and start the unpacking process, placing items as the client directs.

Movers work efficiently to minimize disruption and downtime. However, different movers may have varying operational styles and timelines, and it is always best to consult with the specific moving company for precise details.


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